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Collect for Star Wars Day

Today is May the Fourth, as in May the Fourth be with you, thus it is on this day that we celebrate the giving of Star Wars to the people of Earth. (Episodes 4-6. The rest is terrifying and trivial adiaphora.)
Written for this occasion is the following collect, by the ever-brilliant Rev. Robert Hendrickson.
For Star Wars Day:

The Force be With You.
And With Thy Spirit.
Let Us Pray.

Almighty God, who hast inspired the creation of the Star Wars for the entertainment, edification, and enjoyment of all humankind and hast adorned it with the power to make us merry; so inflame our affections for Episodes 4-6 that we may strive to imitate the way of the Jedi; so strengthen our endurance that we may read, mark, and inwardly digest each of Yoda’s manifold teachings with new and undending ardor; so nurse us with abundant midichlorians that our lightsabers may be guided by thy hand and the dark side dispersed. And when we have displeased thee, give to thy padawans patience and true repentance as we accept the humiliating chastisements of the dark one’s servant, Jar-Jar that we may not merit being offered to slake the hungers of the Sarlacc.

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