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So I went on vacation.

Priests, as a rule, get 4 weeks of vacation, then we generally laugh ruefully about this, and never actually take the vacation we are granted, because priests are also notoriously bad at boundaries, and taking time off, and saying No, and then we die at age 45 of bleeding ulcers and chronic stress.

But!  I went on vacation, because I really want to avoid bleeding ulcers, and it was lovely.  There is a definite reason everyone wants to start a restaurant in Santa Fe and New Mexico has convinced me that the Southwest is actually awesome.  (And that Arizona is even more zany that originally suspected.)

However, I don’t want you to think more of me than I deserve.  I have also been writing on another blog.  It is here:  Acts 8 Moment.  

The Acts 8 Moment is a renewal movement that emerged from General Convention this summer, dedicated to a renewed spiritual engagement across the church.  Because, let’s face it:  we can restructure all we want, but if the average person in the pews isn’t reenergized, and on board with a refocused vision of where the church is headed, then what are we doing, exactly?

So if you’re not reading up on that blog, then go forth!  Read up!

I’ll be putting up some sermons, etc in the next few days, but in the meantime, head on over there.



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  1. Another reason many of us don’t take 4 weeks of vacation is that we can’t afford to get out of town for that long, but if we stay in town, b/c of the nature of our work it’s very hard to really feel like we’re on vacation–especially in smaller cities or towns! Even if we’re pretty good at setting boundaries, it can be hard when you keep running into parishioners at the store, the gym, wherever . . . . and yes, the Southwest is pretty amazing! This East Coast native was surprised at how it captivated me–whether SoCal, or AZ, or NM . . . After 8 years I’d become really attached to the desert landscapes and palettes, which I’d never have predicted.


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