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Organized: #GC77 Day 2

Today was the first day of legislation, and the first day the Houses got organized to begin their work. I know this, because I was drafted to carry a message from the House of Deputies to the House of Bishops, bearing the greetings of the house, and the message that we were organized. it was insanely complicated: my name was called (me and the lay deputy who was my Message Carrying Buddy) and forward to the platform we went. We greeted the President of the House. We received permission to leave the floor, and got our note, and headed over to the House of Bishops,
We may have then gotten lost. The convention center is huge. But we straightened it out.
And found the bishops, and asked to be received. Then, we repeated the same procedure: approach the stage, shake the PB’s hand, convey the greetings of the House of Deputies, and read my happy note. Then home to my happy Arizona deputation table I returned.

You’d be amazed how many people came up to me afterwards to tell me what a fantastic job I did. (The walking! How great! You never fell or anything!) Church, you concern me. If our standard for getting very excited is that a young priest can carry a note and read it aloud, we need to work harder. Dream big, people.
And believe it or not, this getting organized task, and a few other housekeeping-type things were all the legislation we got done today.

In other news, Canons is stalled because all of our resolutions are being worked over in other committees. Meanwhile, we held our own hearing on the proposed Title IV changes. Very exciting stuff.

And speaking of hearings, I said yesterday that I would knock off testifying in front of big and scary committees. That streak lasted 12 hours. Structure held a hearing this evening, and I spoke. A friend from seminary (@MoAmy on Twitter) has proposed a resolution asking that whatever body is in charge of reforming the structure be comprised of no less than 30% young adults. So I talked about the need for younger voices in this conversation, more of the voices that are currently underrepresented. Rather than more of the people who have lost any critical distance.
We’ll see. It’s still an early conversation.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I’ll be interested to hear whether or not you sense the Holy Spirit working in the midst of GC.


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