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Sleep Is For The Weak: #GC77 Day 3-5

Huh. Remember the time when I thought I could tweet, AND blog at convention, do committee work, legislative work, and also sleep?
I was but a foolish child then. Now I know better.
Food exists not here. Sleep exists not here.
Only Twitter. And voting. And amendments.

This may be a slight exaggeration. But in all seriousness, while I apologize that the blog hasn’t been as daily as I would have liked,my Twitter is constant. And following #gc77 will get you up to the minute details on all the Convention doings. And will let me sleep some. Where, no lie, I have started dreaming in parliamentary procedure. (And how did we survive without Twitter at convention? How? Now I can track legislation in several hearings at once and coordinate with others. It’s magic!!!)

Because the pace has accelerated. Now we have real legislation on the floor, and real arguments. But also, gorgeous Eucharists every day, with over 500 people in a room, all chanting and praying together. We have random moments of humor in the midst of tension, and nothing reminds me how much I love this Church than its amazing ability to laugh at itself.

For all that there’s really no time to eat or sleep, this is fun. I testified before PB&F again, on behalf of college ministry. I testified in front of Structure, to give young adults a larger voice in reform. I sponsored a resolution challenging the church to embrace social media, like Twitter. That has a hearing tomorrow morning, so we’ll see what happens. (Fun and scary, I should specify.)

Tonight, we had a gathering of Millennial leaders, both lay and clergy. All the under-35(ish) people involved at Convention that I could find, together in a room. You’ll get a longer report on that later (tomorrow? Hopefully?) But as everyone was going around, talking about why they were Episcopalian, and when they had felt connected or empowered this week, it hit me again.

I really, really, really love my job.

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  1. My recollection is that you were always trying to catch people in the hallway, finding out what was going on in different rooms. Twitter is much more efficient.


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