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In which Megan gives a recounting of her activities

Hey, remember when I used to post things on this here blog?  Ah, good times!

Behold, I have not forgotten you!  I have just been swallowed up by lots of other things, which leave precious little time for blogging.

These things include:

  1. Writing for Lent Madness 2016 (I’m going to win one of these years.  Just not this one.)
  2. Writing for McSweeney’s.  (That sound you hear is my grandmother clutching her pearls in the Great Beyond.  Sorry, Naw Naw.)
  3. Writing a thingie for Trinity, Wall Street (not online yet)
  4. Writing a thingie for Church Publishing (not published yet)
  5. Working at diocesan summer camp in the Ozarks (my campers and I all developed the same heat rash.  So adorable.)
  6. Taking 3 vanfuls of teenagers to New York and Boston over two weeks (Those youth now know how to ride the NYC subway at rush hour like PROS.)
  7. Taking 3 vanfuls of teenagers around outreach sites in Kansas City over one week. (We struck fear and awe into the hearts of many a non-profit with our hard work.)
  8. Having Many Thoughts about the latest season of the Great British Baking Show. (Nadiya’s facial expressions are all of our facial expressions.)

Then, there was of course the normal round of preaching, pastoral care, troubleshooting the plumbing, diocesan crises, etc, that happens when you’re a priest in a parish.

Today, I’m 2 days past my eight-year anniversary of being a priest.  And while I could have predicted precious little of what my career has included, I am grateful for every single bit of it.  I pause to note here that initially, when I first considered this call, I hesitated because I thought being a priest would be ‘the easy route’ over being an actress.  God has been laughing pretty hard ever since.

Stay tuned for what will amount to a Sermon Dump over the next few days–wherein I post my backlog of sermons from the past few months.

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Episcopal priest, writer, wearer of fancy shoes.

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  1. Can’t wait for all that’s coming up next. At least you’ve been preoccupied & haven’t had time to watch the country falling into the crapper. A silver lining.

  2. Looking forward to the sermons! Your activities sound daunting … but you are young enough to do it. Good for you!!


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